Sleep well with Sentry

Intruder planning her moves? Someone trying to invade your safety? We have got your back. With our AI based technology, irrespective of the external circumstances, we will be there to ensure safety for you and your family. Check this picture out which proves the accuracy with which our software can detect humans. We can detect

Intern from Duke University shares his experience at Sentry

When I applied to Sentry, all I knew was that the company’s product looked cool and the people I had spoken to seemed like good mentors. I had no idea what the west-coast was like, what working at a small startup would was like or even what working in industry was like. I recall landing

Eliminate False Alert Fines!

98 percent of 36 million alarm activations have been false. More than 1.8 billion dollars have been spent for police responses to these false alerts. To compensate, the law enforcement charges fines for false alerts. Want to avoid these fines and increase your security system’s reliability? Be a part of our FREE pilot program and start

Annoyed by too many false alarms?

Typical home security cameras send hundreds of false alerts a day. Ever received an alert upon sunrise or sunset? Ever received an alert when it is very windy outside? Ever received an alert when your pet runs around? Annoyed, have you turned off ALL alerts? However, worried about missing the real threat? Sentry comes to

We got wings!!!

Besides the commitment of the working team, investors’ support is a vital endorsement of the company vision. Last week, we were proud to receive another vote of support from an angel investor! Sentry set its mission to create personalized, interactive home security and health care solutions for families. With an enhanced team of energized and

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