Safety, Security and Protection

You hear many terms these days – home security systems, child safety measures, fire safety, insurance coverage protection, etc. – all applying to similar concepts, but used in different contexts. Have you ever wondered what’s the difference between them? Don’t they all mean the same thing? Are we splitting hairs in trying to understand? Well,

Being a Product Manager at Sentry

I interned at Sentry as a product manager and I would like to share the three things I enjoyed the most. First, I learned a lot. I learned to prioritize: one user story over another, a nice-to-have feature over a critical feature, a fancy app vs. an app that addresses customer needs.  I learned to bring

Back to School Security!

With school just around the corner, many families have become much busier gearing up for the 2018-2019 school year. Whether the kids are in middle school or high school, most parents drop their kids at school around 8AM in the morning, then pick them up around 3PM (excluding extracurriculars). This typical schedule leaves at least

Journey from the Fuqua School of Business to Sentry

Due to the nature of startup, the culture in Sentry is always very fast pace. There is always something going on, and I always have work to do. However, I was able to hone my both analytical and decision-making skills while working in such a fast-paced and results-driven environment. I’m very grateful that I got

How is Sentry making an impact?

Our founder Uday was interviewed on IIT Leadership Conference. Here is his vision on how Sentry makes a difference in home security solutions:

Prepare. Party. Preserve.

Road-tripping? Camping? Flying somewhere new on your weekend getaway? This Labor Day Weekend, let Sentry give you the peace of mind you deserve by watching what’s happening at home. With break-ins and thefts increasing by 28% over the typical Labor Day Weekend, even police departments are ramping up for large amounts of patrol everywhere around the country. How does Sentry

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