The Startup Experience (Internship)

The startup life is not the for the faint hearted. By working at Smart Home Sentry, I had a whirlwind of experiences that taught me everything from the backend workings of an early stage company to showing me the startup culture! From the very first day, the team welcomed me in like family. At Plug-and-Play

Summer at Sentry

Working at Sentry was an amazing experience. I played different roles given the start-up culture in the company. I got the chance to wear different hats and make contributions which would have a direct impact on the organization. When I joined, I began planning for the IIT Bay Area Leadership conference. I was responsible for

2 months are not enough!

I had a product marketing internship at Smart Home Sentry this summer. I have to say it’s the best internship I ever had, and it’s full of fun, happiness, and challenges during this two-month period. I still remember my first day at Sentry. Sharat, my engineering colleague, spent whole half day on my technical onboarding

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