Chat with Sentry CEO: How we make home security smarter?

Uday Kiran Chaka, the Founder & CEO of Sentry a company focusing on making home security platforms smarter joins Enterprise Radio. Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Uday Kiran Chaka discuss the following: What is Smart Home Sentry’s primary business? What do you do?How do you make home security smarter?What types of activity do you track?How beneficial is this

The Shepherd boy in your home…

https://youtu.be/eooCkA9QlcA Everyone has heard the story of the Boy Who Cried Wolf, but do you know there is a shepherd boy in your home as well? He looks after your home, however... Check out the video and see what happened! 

Blue Iris 5.0 – The Next Generation Video Management System with Artificial Intelligence

On Jun 1, 2019, Blue Iris released v5.0 of its video surveillance software.  Among the changes: Re-vamped UI, Remote management of multiple locations, Built-in AI and more.  UI REFRESH - DESIGNED FOR 4K MONITORS & BEYOND LATEST TECHNOLOGY Video processing and rudiment libraries with the latest Microsoft technology Stop meaningless alerts like that pesky squirrel running on the

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