What makes Sentry’s product special?

We are proud to be covered by Siliconeer as a company that takes home security to a whole new level, as mentioned in the newsletter: https://siliconeer.com/current/chai-samosa-and-tech-iit-bay-area-leadership-conference-2017/ Watch the clip to let Sentry's Founder tell you in 90 seconds. Check from 12:05 to 13:35 here:

Security In The City

It can be a daunting task to find the perfect camera system when living in a major city. Since there are so many different types of homes ranging from studios & apartments to multiple story houses, many people find themselves asking “what do I need to protect my home?”  Most homeowners follow the general procedure

Sentry has given me more than just insight into the world of AI

I came into the world of artificial intelligence with far fetched notions of terminator-like technology. It all seemed far-fetched and intangible to me. Working at Sentry has shown me how AI can be applied to day to day situations. I was intrigued by how accurately we can detect faces, and how we can detect whether

Review your security camera in a glance

How much time do you spend a day reviewing recordings from your security camera(s)? Let Sentry take care of that by sending you our Daily Smart Report, a visual summary of everything occurring on your camera(s) for the day.  WHO RECEIVES THE SUMMARY? We provide the Daily Smart Report to Sentry AI paid customers and registered trial users

Andy’s summer at Sentry

https://youtu.be/49eyC-mVeBsMy internship at Sentry can be defined in five main categories: videos, email campaigns, events, social media, and customer success. VideosDuring my time at Sentry, I was able to complete two videos for the company and shot preliminary videos for potential videos for the future. The two videos I did complete were the summary of the

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