" August 2019 – Sentry AI
Law enforcement advisor on board!

Last week, it was an honor for Sentry to welcome Mr. Wahed Magee on board in a strategic advisory role. With his 11 years of experience in law enforcement as both an investigator and a supervisor, Mr. Magee is a real guru on crime prevention and suppression. We believe that his extensive experience in investigating

What makes Sentry’s product special?

We are proud to be covered by Siliconeer as a company that takes home security to a whole new level, as mentioned in the newsletter: Chai, Samosa, and Tech: IIT Bay Area Leadership Conference 2017   Watch the clip to let Sentry's Founder tell you in 90 seconds.  Check from 12:05 to 13:35 here:

Security In The City

It can be a daunting task to find the perfect camera system when living in a major city. Since there are so many different types of homes ranging from studios & apartments to multiple story houses, many people find themselves asking “what do I need to protect my home?”  Most homeowners follow the general procedure


Review your security camera in a glance

How much time do you spend a day reviewing recordings from your security camera(s)? Let Sentry take care of that by sending you our Daily Smart Report, a visual summary of everything occurring on your camera(s) for the day.  WHO RECEIVES THE SUMMARY?We provide the Daily Smart Report to Sentry AI paid customers and registered trial users who