Webinar: Covid-19 & video monitoring – how to meet the surging demand for security

Corona Virus Title: Covid-19 & video monitoring - how to meet the surging demand for security Description: Covid-19 has completely changed how we operate. With more than 30% of the US population in lockdown, the demand for commercial surveillance is increasing. At the same time monitoring stations are grappling with agent unavailability and attrition. Can technology be

Four Tips to Ease Your COVID-19 Anxiety – For Small Businesses

On March 23rd, Jorge Palacios was shocked to find out at least 4 thieves has broken into his restaurant in San Mateo, CA, stealing cash, smashing his property, drinking wines and then even  lingering for 11 hours over the course of two days. This happened just one week after the Bay Area’s shelter-in-place order went


New Sentry Portal

We heard you! The new upgraded Sentry Portal delivers more transparency. In the camera tab, Sentry AI users now have Explainable AI: transparency about what motion alarms Sentry received from your cameras and what Sentry decided - forwarded to you as a true alarm or suppressed it as a false alarm, giving an idea of

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