A Safe and Secure Solution

“Sentry is solving a problem that we really need to solve in our time.” - Neville Taraporewalla   Sentry AI became the first company to go straight to the final round of Meet the Drapers Show Season 4. Join our vision to make the community safe and secure with more than 1000 investors on https://zcu.io/l9iJ

AI privacy
AI and Invasion of Privacy

By Farhat Ali - Apr 2021 A lot of discussion in media is taking place on the role of AI and how it may lead to invasion of privacy and increased discrimination in hiring and policing. I am passionate about technology and its contribution to human well-being. Mechanization of farms and increase in crop yields

AI-based Monitoring Would Have Prevented Jeffrey Epstein’s Death

Systemic failures of the current security monitoring system and the new approach. By Farhat Ali — Mar 2020 On the morning of August 10, 2019, Jeffrey Epstein’s body was found in his Manhattan jail cell, two hours after his death. People wonder how such a high-profile inmate was left unsupervised so that he could hang


Surveillance you can trust

Featured on the Leading Cities podcast: A Preview of Tomorrow, Uday Kiran Chaka, Founder and CEO of Smart Sentry AI and Michael Lake, President and CEO of Leading Cities discussed the short comings of modern surveillance systems due to human error and how AI technology can gain back the trust for security monitoring. http://https://youtu.be/2DVXgcTiaPE

Drones with Artificial Intelligence will soon become a powerful tool — a new perspective

"Seeing what exists in the market already, we are our biggest competition" Ritesh Agarwal - Sentry AI Head of AI Technologies Ritesh Agarwal, our Head of AI Technologies, published an article on The Innovator to discuss how new Artificial Intelligence applications has transformed drones from fun gadgets into an essential device in many areas such

Webinar: Covid-19 & video monitoring – how to meet the surging demand for security

Corona Virus Title: Covid-19 & video monitoring - how to meet the surging demand for security Description: Covid-19 has completely changed how we operate. With more than 30% of the US population in lockdown, the demand for commercial surveillance is increasing. At the same time monitoring stations are grappling with agent unavailability and attrition. Can technology be

Sentry releases Fire Detection solution

Sentry is proud to announce the release of its fire detection solution to detect forest/residential fires in the video feeds from security cameras as well as drone-mounted cameras to alert monitoring center agents. Sentry’s enterprise customer, Argosdyne, is testing the solution to detect fires in hilly regions using their autonomous drones. Sentry’s solution works for

Sentry AI releases integration with SureView Systems

Getting AI behind a security camera is even easier with our latest integration with SureView systems. In a less-than-5-min setup, Sentry AI helps reduces operational monitoring center costs by 20 to 40% by using the latest computer vision technology to remove up to 89% false alerts and draws operators to activity that really matters. The