Four Tips to Ease Your COVID-19 Anxiety – For Small Businesses

On March 23rd, Jorge Palacios was shocked to find out at least 4 thieves has broken into his restaurant in San Mateo, CA, stealing cash, smashing his property, drinking wines and then even  lingering for 11 hours over the course of two days. This happened just one week after the Bay Area’s shelter-in-place order went

Invest in Sentry AI, yay or nay?

If you have 10 grand to invest, which startups you would put your money in? Investors were asked that question in an innovative take on startup competitions at the Global AI Conference - Santa Clara, in January 2020. Participants who are venture capitalists, M&A corporate development leaders, senior technology executives, entrepreneurs and industry veterans were

Sentry AI releases integration with SureView Systems

Getting AI behind a security camera is even easier with our latest integration with SureView systems. In a less-than-5-min setup, Sentry AI helps reduces operational monitoring center costs by 20 to 40% by using the latest computer vision technology to remove up to 89% false alerts and draws operators to activity that really matters. The

Sentry AI – selected #1 at the Global AI Conference 2020

On Jan 22, 2020, Sentry AI was chosen as #1 at the Global Artificial Intelligence (AI) Conference by a VC Panel and the Audience. Our founder Uday Kiran Chaka presented the market opportunity, our AI solution, Go-to-Market strategy and fundraising plan to VCs and senior executives in the AI space. Our pitch has been well-received

Customer Portal
New Customer Portal released!

To all Sentry AI customers, we are thrilled to launch the latest version of Customer Portal!The brand new customer portal allows you to:- Manage your subscription(s).- View Smart Report 2.0 online & update your settings as needed. - (Coming soon) Facial Recognition (Smarter alerts such as “Kids are home”)- (Coming soon) See which images come to Sentry

Sentry Hackathon starting in Bengaluru!

Sentry engineering team has gathered in our India office in Bengaluru, starting an intense hackathon to develop cool new features in the coming two weeks, and is all excited about the upcoming product launch and a series of powerful external endorsements.  We are also expanding our team both in Bengaluru and Silicon Valley. Want to

ArgosDyne becomes an Enterprise Customer

After a successful pilot with Sentry, ArgosDyne has signed a commercial agreement to integrate Sentry AI into various Smart City security applications. ArgosDyne, headquartered in South Korea, focuses on autonomous drone security & surveillance systems. More about Argosdyne

Blue Iris & Sentry Smart Alert enhanced features

Improved SMS & Email alerts with images of motion highlighting human detection• Accurate Sentry icons on clip list to quickly see Sentry alerts with a quick glance• Development versions of BI to quickly build new features and improve quality assurance• Tighter integration to provide more awareness of Sentry services and improvements to the user experience

The knowledge I gained from my internship was equivalent to 2 classes worth

I first want to thank Uday and the Sentry team for giving me a valuable work experience within the AI team. When I arrived at Sentry, I was confused as to what my role was, what I would be working on and who I would be collaborating with. However, from the get go I was instructed in a clear

What makes Sentry’s product special?

We are proud to be covered by Siliconeer as a company that takes home security to a whole new level, as mentioned in the newsletter: https://siliconeer.com/current/chai-samosa-and-tech-iit-bay-area-leadership-conference-2017/ Watch the clip to let Sentry's Founder tell you in 90 seconds. Check from 12:05 to 13:35 here:

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