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* Contact us if you want to purchased Enterprised-grade features (pRecognize, pBehavior, vDetect, vRecognize)

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Powered by Computer Vision AI technology, Sentry Smart Alerts make cameras smarter by sending only meaningful alerts to make your place safer.

Say goodbye to annoying motion alerts triggered by the wind, neighborhood cats or lighting changes. Sentry Smart Alerts suppresses up to 95% of meaningless alerts disrupting your day.  

Having trouble setting the right motion sensitivity, object motion zones, zone crossings or hot spots in order to generate meaningful alerts?  With just 1-click, you can now get Sentry Smart Alerts.  




Easy to start smart alerts

1-click activation in Blue Iris software to receive more meaningful alerts right way.

Your 7-day free trial will start the first time you enable Sentry Smart Alert from Trigger option in Camera properties      . 

Click here to view configuration check list.

Quick customer support

During the trial, we encourage you to register here to allow us to support you better. Our team is here to make sure you are happy and safe. Email us at support@smartsentry.aior chat with our team anytime. 





Once you are ready to subscribe, click on “Learn more” from Trigger setting from your Blue Iris software. That way we can verify your Blue Iris license once the payment process is finished and activate your service right away. 

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