Limited Time offer: FREE Sentry AI security monitoring for 30 days

Worry less about the security of your assets.
Spend more time with your loved ones.
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How It Works?

Your camera

detects motion & sends photos to Sentry AI

Sentry AI

looks for people and unusual activity and alerts you


receive Sentry Alerts via email, WhatsApp

Sentry gives you peace of mind

Satisfied Users

What you will get

Improved safety and security

Makes your camera smarter with the latest AI technology

24/7 Sentry Smart Alert

Detects any people on your premises and alerts you immediately (real-time

Daily email summary

Review your camera activities with a glance

Alerts via WhatsApp

(SMS available soon)

Supports most security cameras & systems

HikVision/LTS, Arlo, Swann, Amcrest, D-Link, Blue Iris VMS and more to come.

Connect up to 5 cameras

Connect different camera brands to the same account.

Option to upgrade

Option to upgrade to a paid plan that includes even more intelligence and service.

Compatible cameras

Do you have a different camera that supports email alerts? Contact us at

No hardware upgrade needed.

Sign up now & activate your Sentry in less than 7 min

No credit card or payment information required

  1. I am having difficulty connecting my cameras.  
    Please click Support and let us know your camera type and difficulty you are facing and we will get back to you within 24 hours.
  2. My camera is not listed. 
    Please click Support and let us know your camera type and we will get back to you within 24 hours with a solution. 
  3. What are the restrictions on camera use?
    You can connect up to 5 cameras as mentioned.  For the trial period of 30 days, we have established a limit of 6000 alerts to be received by Sentry.  We reserve the right at our sole discretion to increase this limit if the situation warrants. 
  4. What happens after the trial period?
    We are finalizing our paid offerings (Basic, Pro) and we will communicate those to you within 2 weeks of starting your trial. 
  5. What additional services are included in the paid offerings?
    We have a full suite of Artificial Intelligence leveraged SaaS products to Improve safety, security, and surveillance of your premise.  These include (in addition to Person Detection which is being offered during the trial period) Person Recognition, Unusual Behavior, Vehicle Detection, and Vehicle Recognition. We also provide User Portal for managing the offering, camera operations, and analytics. We provide these services directly to you.

If you prefer full guard/monitoring service, we offer those through our Partners.  We would be delighted to discuss them.  Please make a request by clicking Contact Us.