Sentry AI – selected as the best AI solution pitch by VCs and audience at the Global AI Conference

On Jan 22, 2020, Sentry AI has attended the Annual Global Artificial Intelligence (AI) Conference and has been selected as the best AI solution pitch by VCs and Audience. Our founder Uday Kiran Chaka had a great opportunity to present our solutions and Go-to-market strategy to leading experts, VC and C-level executives from leading innovators in the

Sentry Hackathon starting in Bengaluru!

Sentry engineering team has gathered in our India office in Bengaluru, starting an intense hackathon to develop cool new features in the coming two weeks, and is all excited about the upcoming product launch and a series of powerful external endorsements.  We are also expanding our team both in Bengaluru and Silicon Valley. Want to

ArgosDyne becomes an Enterprise Customer

After a successful pilot with Sentry, ArgosDyne has signed a commercial agreement to integrate Sentry AI into various Smart City security applications. ArgosDyne, headquartered in South Korea, focuses on autonomous drone security & surveillance systems. More about Argosdyne

Sentry attending The Monitoring Association (TMA) Annual Conference (Oct 12-16th)

As the first activities as Associate member of The Monitoring Association, Sentry will be meeting C-level execs of over 60 major Security Monitoring Centers to sign them up as customers and partners by demonstrating how Sentry AI saves costs by assisting operators to monitor more cameras and avoid storing video footage that doesn't have people.

The knowledge I gained from my internship was equivalent to 2 classes worth

I first want to thank Uday and the Sentry team for giving me a valuable work experience within the AI team. When I arrived at Sentry, I was confused as to what my role was, what I would be working on and who I would be collaborating with. However, from the get go I was instructed in a clear

Sentry has given me more than just insight into the world of AI

I came into the world of artificial intelligence with far fetched notions of terminator-like technology. It all seemed far-fetched and intangible to me. Working at Sentry has shown me how AI can be applied to day to day situations. I was intrigued by how accurately we can detect faces, and how we can detect whether

Andy’s summer at Sentry

https://youtu.be/49eyC-mVeBsMy internship at Sentry can be defined in five main categories: videos, email campaigns, events, social media, and customer success. VideosDuring my time at Sentry, I was able to complete two videos for the company and shot preliminary videos for potential videos for the future. The two videos I did complete were the summary of the

The Startup Experience (Internship)

The startup life is not the for the faint hearted. By working at Smart Home Sentry, I had a whirlwind of experiences that taught me everything from the backend workings of an early stage company to showing me the startup culture! From the very first day, the team welcomed me in like family. At Plug-and-Play

Summer at Sentry

Working at Sentry was an amazing experience. I played different roles given the start-up culture in the company. I got the chance to wear different hats and make contributions which would have a direct impact on the organization. When I joined, I began planning for the IIT Bay Area Leadership conference. I was responsible for

2 months are not enough!

I had a product marketing internship at Smart Home Sentry this summer. I have to say it’s the best internship I ever had, and it’s full of fun, happiness, and challenges during this two-month period. I still remember my first day at Sentry. Sharat, my engineering colleague, spent whole half day on my technical onboarding

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