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Beta program

Reducing the false alerts with AI-powered human detection is just the start, Sentry Team works restlessly to bring you even more with the latest AI technology. We invite you to be the first user trying our latest features in the stove before public release. Join us if: 

  • You have lots of ideas to share on how to use Blue Iris for all type of security camera monitor jobs. 
  • You are willing to share with us your insights on security product for home & business. 
  • You want to be the first experience the latest cool technology. 

Please expect that Beta functions may not work perfectly and that is why your ideas/comments/feedback is so important for us. 

How to enroll Beta Program? 

You need active Sentry Smart Alert subscription to participate in the Beta Program, either on a subscription or on trial period (Please note that all functions include beta service might be terminated once your trial ends).

Beta Program is designed to train the AI and improve our software accuracy. By joining the program, Beta customers give consent to Sentry to use the images from their cameras to confirm the accuracy of the alerts. Sentry AI takes privacy seriously and the data will only be used for training our computer vision algorithms and for no other purpose.

To enroll Beta Program from your email you used to subscribe Sentry Smart Alert or register your free trial, send an email to support@smartsentry.ai with the following template

Subject: Sentry AI Beta enrollment. 

Subject: Sentry AI Beta enrollment
I authorize Sentry to use my camera data for the express purposes of feature development and beta testing purposes. 


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