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Smart Report 2.0 [Beta]

Smart Report 2.0 [Beta] is the next generation of Smart Report 1.0. Besides all the basic information such as the number of suppressed alerts, camera activity analysis, you will also receive the summary on vehicle activities, pet activities, facial recognition, people identification in the past 24hours. If there are more than 4 activities of the same kind detected e.g. five vehicles detected, you will receive a link for the summary video. Smart Report 2.0 [Beta] is generated at 5 pm Pacific Time and sent directly to your email.

Update Smart Report 2.0 setting

You can opt-in/opt-out and update setting for Smart Report 2.0 any time with the following form:

* * Please note that vehicle detection, pet detection, person identification and facial recognition is just available in Smart Report 2.0 [Beta], real time alerts only triggered by human detection.

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