How will I get my Blue Iris Activation Code if I purchase the Blue Iris & Smart Alerts bundle?

After purchase, you will receive an email from Sentry with a Blue Iris activation code. You will then have to go onto Blue Iris’ site to download the Blue Iris installer. Once you follow through with the installation of Blue Iris, you will be able to use the activation code provided from the email to

What happens if I have more cameras than any of the trial plans allow for?

Fear not! Throughout your trial, you will receive Daily Smart Reports that contain a link to the full-time subscription page as well as in your Blue Iris log. You will also be directed to this link once your trial ends. On the full-time subscription page, you will be able to add more cameras to the

What if I don’t have Blue Iris software yet?

You can purchase Blue Iris software from Sentry or you can directly go to Blue Iris website to purchase and install it first and follow the setup guide here to set up Sentry Smart Alert.

How do I set up Sentry Smart Alert?

The setup is very simple and should take less than 10 minutes. This guide is for users who already have Blue Iris software purchased and installed. 1. Click the checkbox for Sentry Smart Alerts for each of the cameras you are interested in connecting. You will start getting Sentry alerts right away! 2. Optionally Click

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