How often are the products updated?

We keep identifying and developing new features and provide software updates frequently. There are no specific dates or times when we release our updates. However, you can sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of our webpage here to get information about our product updates. https://www.smartsentry.ai/

How does Sentry process the images?

Sentry processes images on powerful GPU-based servers in the cloud. This is mainly because our AI requires a GPU to process the images quickly to ensure we send a response to you as fast as we can.   

How accurate is a Sentry Smart Alert?

We continuously train our computer vision models through our learning engine to improve the accuracy of our alerts. Our AI errs on the side of generating an alert when in doubt, rather than suppressing it. Based on our experience,  on average 85% of the alerts are suppressed. The accuracy rate varies based on implementation.  We,

What if I don’t have Blue Iris software yet?

You can purchase Blue Iris software from Sentry or you can directly go to Blue Iris website to purchase and install it first and follow the setup guide here to set up Sentry Smart Alert.   

How is Sentry integrated with Blue Iris?

Blue Iris software uses Sentry API to send images from the cameras and receive AI-processed results quickly and securely. Enabling the functionality is just a single mouse-click on a checkbox. No further setup required. All alerts are sent via the Blue Iris communication channels chosen by the user: mobile app, desktop software, text/SMS, or email.

What is the Blue Iris free-trial from BI portal?

The Sentry Smart Alert trial program lets you experience the cool security features made possible with our latest AI technologies. As an existing Blue Iris user, the setup of Smart Alerts is simple. The trial is totally free and you can cancel anytime during the trial for no charge. After the trial, you have an

Can one Sentry subscription work with multiple Blue Iris licenses?

Each Sentry subscription can only be linked to one specific Blue Iris license.  If you have multiple Blue Iris licenses, you can choose to subscribe to multiple subscriptions, and all of them will be available in a single portal.

Will Sentry AI products require lots of bandwidth?

We process images to keep the bandwidth low. You can reduce bandwidth by correctly setting up motion detection on your cameras.

How well does your AI work in low light condition? Will my IR camera work?

IR and low light images work well, but not as well as those in good light.

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