How can I Opt-in or Opt-out of Daily Smart Reports?

Simply fill out the form here: https://zfrmz.com/a9uRfRboCWmBROWl69sF

What are Daily Smart Reports?

Daily Smart Reports is an email we send at the end of the day that summarizes all the key activities that Sentry caught outside of your house in one photo. If there were more than 7 important triggers, you will receive a time-lapse of this report. The report also explains the number of images we

What type of alert will I get?

With the Blue Iris integration, you will receive alerts through the Blue Iris alerting system as configured by you - mobile app, website or desktop software, email, SMS/text. Sentry does not send alerts directly to you.

How soon can I get alerts?

We are getting 3-sec response when no one is identified and up to 6 sec round trip response time when people are identified. Variables like internet connection speed can improve or affect performance. We are working on an on-premise solution that runs on your PC, alongside Blue Iris to provide a faster response.

How accurate is a Sentry Smart Alert?

We continuously train the computer vision model to get smarter. Our AI errs on the side of generating alerts when in doubt, rather than not. As such, we do alert you when we think there is a person in the field of view, and our analysis shows an accuracy of more than 90% for the

How does Sentry reduce the false alerts?

Sentry uses best-in-class AI to identify people in the images and filters out all alerts where people are not present. In addition, our AI suppresses redundant alerts when we recognize an "event" has already been detected and alerted upon. For example, if the kids are playing in the backyard, the backyard camera will send an

How does Sentry process the images?

Sentry processes images sent by Blue Iris software on powerful GPU-based servers in the cloud. This is mainly because our AI requires a GPU to process the images quickly to ensure we send a response to you as fast as we can. In future, we will provide a Blue Iris plugin that is optimized to

How is Sentry integrated with Blue Iris?

Blue Iris software uses Sentry API to send images from the cameras and receive AI-processed results quickly and securely. Enabling the functionality is just a single mouse-click on a checkbox. No further setup required. All alerts are sent via the Blue Iris communication channels chosen by the user: mobile app, desktop software, text/SMS or email.

Why should I subscribe to Sentry Smart Alerts?

With your current Blue Iris software, you may get many alerts triggered by motion (light changing, pet running, leaf falling, etc) which are non-relevant alerts. With Sentry Smart Alerts, you will receive fewer but more meaningful alerts that keep your mind at ease. With Smart Alerts turned on, instead of checking your videos only after

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