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Cloud Development Engineer


Bangalore, India

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2 Years

Cloud Development Engineer

About Sentry:
Sentry (https://www.smartsentry.ai) is a silicon valley startup that develops AI software to make our homes and living places smart and safe. Sentry’s proprietary computer vision AI processes video feeds from security cameras to identify who’s in the field of view, what’s going on and whether any action is to be taken to improve safety or convenience.
We are looking to hire smart and enthusiastic engineers for our newly started development centre in Bangalore, India . You will get to be part of the team which solves some  of the most challenging problems in AI and Computer Vision areas.
1. Deploy, manage  secured, scalable, highly available, and fault-tolerant systems in the Cloud platforms.
2. Architect and develop Data Flow pipelines for deploying the SaaS based AI services.
3. CI/CD and test automation for feature deliveries.
4. User management, API integration and authentication.
Required Expertise:
1. 1+ years of experience in Cloud development (AWS knowledge preferred)
2. Expertise in at least one high-level programming language
3. Skills for developing, deploying & debugging cloud applications
4. Ability  to learn new tools and technologies
5. Agility to work in fast-paced startup environment
6. Knowledge of Computer Vision & AI is a plus.
Academic Qualification:
BE/BS/MS in Computer Science or related fields

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