New Sentry Portal

We heard you! The new upgraded Sentry Portal delivers more transparency. In the camera tab, Sentry AI users now have Explainable AI: transparency about what motion alarms Sentry received from your cameras and what Sentry decided - forwarded to you as a true alarm or suppressed it as a false alarm, giving an idea of

Sentry releases Fire Detection solution

Sentry is proud to announce the release of its fire detection solution to detect forest/residential fires in the video feeds from security cameras as well as drone-mounted cameras to alert monitoring center agents. Sentry’s enterprise customer, Argosdyne, is testing the solution to detect fires in hilly regions using their autonomous drones. Sentry’s solution works for

Sentry AI releases integration with SureView Systems

Getting AI behind a security camera is even easier with our latest integration with SureView systems. In a less-than-5-min setup, Sentry AI helps reduces operational monitoring center costs by 20 to 40% by using the latest computer vision technology to remove up to 89% false alerts and draws operators to activity that really matters. The

Customer Portal
New Customer Portal released!

To all Sentry AI customers, we are thrilled to launch the latest version of Customer Portal!The brand new customer portal allows you to:- Manage your subscription(s).- View Smart Report 2.0 online & update your settings as needed. - (Coming soon) Facial Recognition (Smarter alerts such as “Kids are home”)- (Coming soon) See which images come to Sentry

Sentry AI + Milestone VMS Integration Released

Sentry is now available as the best AI-based video analytics solution for Milestone, one of the largest Video Management Systems (VMS) with nearly 170,000 installations worldwide. With this seamless integration, monitoring centers are able to quickly deploy Sentry AI to filter out false alerts and have the operators review only critical events that need human

Blue Iris & Sentry Smart Alert enhanced features

Improved SMS & Email alerts with images of motion highlighting human detection• Accurate Sentry icons on clip list to quickly see Sentry alerts with a quick glance• Development versions of BI to quickly build new features and improve quality assurance• Tighter integration to provide more awareness of Sentry services and improvements to the user experience

What makes Sentry’s product special?

We are proud to be covered by Siliconeer as a company that takes home security to a whole new level, as mentioned in the newsletter: https://siliconeer.com/current/chai-samosa-and-tech-iit-bay-area-leadership-conference-2017/ Watch the clip to let Sentry's Founder tell you in 90 seconds. Check from 12:05 to 13:35 here:

Security In The City

It can be a daunting task to find the perfect camera system when living in a major city. Since there are so many different types of homes ranging from studios & apartments to multiple story houses, many people find themselves asking “what do I need to protect my home?”  Most homeowners follow the general procedure

Review your security camera in a glance

How much time do you spend a day reviewing recordings from your security camera(s)? Let Sentry take care of that by sending you our Daily Smart Report, a visual summary of everything occurring on your camera(s) for the day.  WHO RECEIVES THE SUMMARY? We provide the Daily Smart Report to Sentry AI paid customers and registered trial users

Blue Iris 5.0 – The Next Generation Video Management System with Artificial Intelligence

On Jun 1, 2019, Blue Iris released v5.0 of its video surveillance software.  Among the changes: Re-vamped UI, Remote management of multiple locations, Built-in AI and more.  UI REFRESH - DESIGNED FOR 4K MONITORS & BEYOND LATEST TECHNOLOGY Video processing and rudiment libraries with the latest Microsoft technology Stop meaningless alerts like that pesky squirrel running on the

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