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Only giving you the alerts that count
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Good-bye alerts triggered by rustling trees, changes in lighting, and specks of dust
and Hello meaningful notification on human activities
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No more trouble of complicated settings, activate AI on your camera with just 1-click from Motion trigger settings
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Intelligence Backed Alerts

Daily Smart Reports: Review all the important activity your camera saw in one comprehensive daily image.

Real Time: Get alerts immediately when important activity occurs, not after it happens.

Easy to Understand: Understand why each Smart Alert was sent with our live-image graphics.
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Complete Privacy​

We value your privacy.
That's why none of your data ever touches human eyes and will be securely processed follow the industry standard.

How It Works?

Blue Iris

detects motion & sends one photo to the Smart Sentry cloud

Smart Sentry

detects person presence and sends back result promptly


receive Smart Alerts via email, text, in-app notification through Blue Iris settings

Pricing Plans

Monthly Plan


Per month

Single Camera Plan


Per year

Annual Plan


Per year

Want more than just Person Detection? Contact us for industrial-grade products: vDetect, pMonitorvMonitorpSafety.

Supports most camera models
5-minute set up
Alerts via Blue Iris
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Less than 3-min to make your camera smarter

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