Is there a limit to the number of images Sentry processes per subscription?

There is currently no limit but Sentry reserves the right to throttle images after a set limit is exceeded. These are included in the data sheet for the various products.

Who is Sentry and what does Sentry do?

Sentry is an AI software company based in California, USA with a vision to make the world a smarter and safer place. Sentry provides SaaS-based software products that work with your security cameras/systems to detect and prevent crime as well as provide surveillance capabilities to better manage your premises.  Sentry’s computer vision technology and other

How many tickets can I submit?

You can submit one ticket for each major problem you are facing. Please don’t submit more than one ticket for the same issue to avoid any delay in response. Our support team will reach out to you with answers or resolutions soon.   

How do I submit problem tickets?

There are two ways to submit problem tickets. Either you can email directly to with your questions and we will create a ticket. Or go to the "Support" tab on our website and then click on the "Contact Support" button.

What are the customer support business hours and response time?

For Partners/Dealers:  7:00 am (PST) -  7:00 PM (PST) with 4-hour response time For BI Customers:   7:00 am (PST) -  5:00 pm (PST) with 1-day response time For Enterprises: We support up to 24/7 based on the Contract

Is support available when I have a problem with the setup?

Our team is here to make sure you have a great experience with Sentry AI. Feel free to email our customer support team at and our team will reach out to you within a business day. If you have urgent questions, also feel free to chat using our customer support assistant on our website.

What are Daily Smart Reports?

Daily Smart Reports is an email we send at the end of the day that summarizes all the key activities that Sentry caught outside of your house in one photo. If there were more than 7 important triggers, you will receive a time-lapse of this report.

How soon can I get alerts?

We average a 3 second round trip response but it can be significantly longer.

How do I set up Sentry Smart Alert in Blue Iris?

The setup is very simple and should take less than 10 minutes. This guide is for users who already have Blue Iris software purchased and installed. Click the checkbox for Sentry Smart Alerts for each of the cameras you are interested in connecting. You will start getting Sentry alerts right away! Optionally click “Learn more”